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Heat Management



Use our experience & know-how!

Developing thermal management solutions is much more complicated than it initially appears. You can save considerable time and money if you offer finished partial developments and have the prototypes delivered by us.

Technical knowledge and knowledge about the use of HEATPIPES and PELTIER ELEMENTS have not been imparted at all in the past decades, or only very inadequately within the traditional education systems for technology. For this reason, incorrect functions, capabilities and technical data are often assigned to these products. Disappointments, wasted time and bad investments are the result.

To avoid this, it seems extremely helpful to familiarize yourself with the content of the following LIBRARIES before starting a planning or project.

The most frequently asked questions about Peltier Elements


. The 10  most important rules for Peltierelements

. Quality Feature of Peltier Modules

. Selection peltierelements

. General specification

. Generating application modules

. Standard Parameter and additional options

. Cycling application modules

. Module Moisture Protection

. Quality and reliability control

. Installation of module

. 10 Rules thermoelectric generators

. 10 important rules for heat pipes

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You can save time and money in development!

Even for the experienced developer, it is not easy to assess the very different behaviors and effects of the different individual elements of heat treatment solutions.
Lengthy experiments and empirical tests often lead to wasted time, increased costs, and occasionally to the task of finding optimal solutions.

The different requirements and the infinite number of specified parameters of the individual projects, in turn, do not allow QUICK-COOL to publish generally binding advance recommendations.

In the case of projects of considerable size, considerable development time and money can be saved, through advisory support or through development or simulation by our experienced QUICK-COOL team.

Of course, this requires reliable information about the requirements, the goal and the conditions of the environment.

Ultimately, QUICK-COOL can not only build prototypes, but also produce and deliver complete solutions in series. The handling of the individual components of the heat management and their correct assembly is quite difficult.