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Heat Management

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PDF Download Operating Manual

Peltiercontroller QC-PC-D-CH1
Zubehör: Display QC-PC-D-CH1

PDF Download Operating Manual

Peltiercontroller QC-PC-CO-CH1

Temperature Controller for Automatic Heating and Cooling

20 Ampere

Delivery content:
1 Peltier controller QC-PC-CO-CH1
1 Temperature sensor NTC 10KΩ (β=3977K)
1 Potentiometer 10KΩ
1 User manual
Technical specifications:
Voltage supply: 12….24VDC
Separate driver supply: 3…48VDC
Maximal Peltier current: 20A
Serial Interface: 3,5mm Stereo-Klinke
Temperature range: -40°C - +100°C
Sensitivity: 0,1°C
Accuracy: +/- 0,2 K
P-control characteristic: siehe Darstellung unten
Control parameter for heating and cooling range : separately adjustable
Digital Output definable
Maximal nominal value limit adjustable
Minimal nominal value limit adjustable
Maximal output voltage adjustable
Minimal output voltage adjustable
Detection of sensorial burst and short circuit adjustable
Dimensions: Width x Length x Height: 71 mm x 75 mm x 24 mm